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On this Mac Pro 1.1 (2x Dual-core XEON 5150 CPUs) I use

Mac OSX 10.6.2 "Snow Leopard" 99.9% of the time.

When I have absolutely no other choice, XP Pro via Boot Camp.

It's the best overall system I've used yet. I've been on the Apple Cart for two years now and love it. My next computer? Another one of these, please!

OSX is kinda Linux-like but without needing to build-it-yourself.
With a limited number of hardware/software combinations and a developer-wary philosophy that limits what a Program can do to the OS (*cough* NoRegistry*cough*), Apple does a pretty good job of getting things to work.

Admittedly, if you want things your way you're mostly out of luck but if Steve's way works for you it's great.

It works for me,

PS> A preliminary analysis of the major Hardware components indicates solid design, good soldering and quality parts like mostly Japanese capacitors in the Delta-branded proprietary PSU. This beast is also very quiet for the amount of heat blown out of the back. Mine was used as a floor model for over a year before I got it and 2 years later all the fans are still silent, the system fast and stable as always.
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