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Well, each PSU model (I should go so far as to say each sample) has a (slightly) different crossload pattern. Short of doing what some of the reviewers already do - applying a "full spectrum" crossload pattern (crmaris, makalu, Zhuoke, SiYu, and some others) - you can't be sure what the best (most fair?) approach is.

Do you emulate a "typical system"? Or perhaps decide on some fixed percentages of maximum ratings for each rail? Or maybe a fixed ratio between 5V and 12V load..? Whichever you choose, you can't be called out on it, if you keep your method and decision consistent.

Personally, I'd use a fixed ratio of 6:1 in favor of 12V. Then I'd not be lazy and do two more tests, one with a fixed 5V load and progressive 12V, then one with a fixed 12V and progressive 5V. This would probably be overkill in some ways, but it would also paint a clearer picture of the PSU's "character".
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