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As per the different reviewers here.

Since before I started hanging out here back in 2006 or maybe it was 2005. The one thing that I always liked about was the fact that there was a vast majority of fellow reviewers hanging out at one site. Sure, we are not all at the same level when you break it down, but we all have roughly the same goal at the end. That rings just as true today as it did the day I agreed to take over the site to keep it from closing down. The other forums out there won't let you come in and post a link to your article and talk about it. They insist that your trying to steal their traffic and blah blah blah... Here, the only thing we ask, is don't hot link your images and be respectful.

If you have a problem with someone else's testing process, equipment, or whatever. Be respectful in how you go about talking about it. If you're writing something that would offend you if it was directed at you, then DON'T WRITE IT. If there's even a slight possibility that it could be offensive, then reword it so it isn't.

The language barrier is the biggest problem we run into here at the site. We've got a wide variety of users from all over the world. That means we need to be even more mindful of what and how we say things. It all boils down to respecting one another, plain and simple.
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