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I have a retro Dos gaming box that is made from uber cool old skool parts. For storage it's got an original Adaptec 2940, and two SCSI drives - a Micropolis 2gb and a Quantum Fireball 1gb. Those drives date to circa 1994, have been in service since new and are still kicking.

But I've had many drives fail on me over the years. It's happened to me so often that now I can usually tell a failure is imminent just from a change in the noises they make.

I think the manufacturers have taken a beating on RMA's and have noticed that warranties are getting shorter and shorter as a result. Used to be every drive sold had a 3 year warranty minimum, but go to a B&M store and a majority of drives they stock now only have 1 year of coverage. That alone tells you something about drive failures and MTBF.
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