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It reminds me a little of a car magazine 10 yrs ago, who purely reviewed cars on the COMPARITIVE basis that 1. if they were pretty fast 2. they handled well, 3/ they had a snob value,

they would get a top review.

whereas, if you broke down at night in the middle of nowhere lashing down with wind and rain, they didn't seem to care, unlike a well know consumer focused magazine which rates living with the car and reliability and owner satisfaction as the most important.

I know which I would prefer after the odd breakdown, I ain't a fan of japanese things for nothing

trouble is, mag. reviews I don't think can test componets for the hours a consumer will likely keep them running for.

yes I suppose a 'scientific' exhaustive study to establish all failure mechanisms is useful, even if it did bring up the obvious in one instance.

radio? don't you mean raid 10? or raid zero its a bit hard to tell

it depends what is defined by 'normal' use, that varies between just about everyone who uses it, is there a 'normal' for hard drive use?
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