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"According to the study, the number one cause of drive failures was simply age. The longer the drive has been in operation, the more likely it will fail."

well you don't say.

occasionally, there is the odd funded study that says things like " it has been proven that girls prefer pink and boys like blue" and that sort of thing has been funded with public money.

that sounds a little similar in an obvious kind of way.

I haven't had any probs with my few hard drives, I had a maxtor, which I always thought were slightly poorer relations, and a samsung spinpoint, whilst at times I had the impression its a bit slow, expecting miracles from sata II and all that, again, may be either marketing or my unreal expectations, its worked flawlessly.

I think they are again, much of a muchness, and you pays your money, read your reviews, listen to and other people, and takes your chances. sometimes I think you can't go wrong with a big brand, sometimes

edited to add:

I suppose with most pc parts, hard on drives esp. you continue to buy what you have found reliable and work well, one slightly good rule of thumb is to buy a product which makers specialise exclusively in, ie. say a seagate or WD hard drive instead of a samsung, who are jacks of all trades, and its only the slightly 'unknown' unestablished brand that would make me think twice about buying another, say instead of a hitachi which I would probably go for next time, but I have few problems with it, as its been really great. Maxtors fluid bearing too is attractive.

Its nice to hear someone happy with my first ever hard drive, maxtor, which was reliable, if a bit noisy, I always do get the impression maxtor are the poor relations to wd and seagate, is this true? justified?
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