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How much is Bitfenix Formula 450W??
That should be the best option out of them...

Originally Posted by flashschizzo View Post
What do you think about these models for the second Pc?
FSP350-60HHN (85)
FSP350-60GHC 85 M
FSP350-60GHN 85+
They are old, but very expensive and I am trying to find someone used.
Nothing, just get a new one.
If you want to save you could get a 300W one like Pure Power 10.

But buying used is not worth it.
PSU are just far too expensive for what you get and the risk of those.

People want 25€ or more for a 7 Year old PSU (and then wonder why they just die)...
And with a new PSU you have some kind of warranty...
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