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Originally Posted by PaulTa View Post
I bumped the FSB up to 266 right away, everything is nice and smooth. I'll go higher once I summon up the courage to dig through wires and find my jumper for maintenance bios.
My God man, where is your sense of adventure?
Art is long, life is short.

75 years from now when you are in a nursing home, wearing a poopy diaper, and you are looking back on your life, do you think you will say "I should have lived a more mundane life?"
Will you say I should not have drank so much I wound up in a Moscow jail on two consecutive nights?
Will you say I should not have blown my money for the plane ticket home from Cabo on hookers and mescal?
Will you regret getting asked to resign from that high paying bank job because you got some of the girls from processing drunk and all of you played chicken in your underwear in the CFO's pool at the annual Christmas party?
Hell NO!

That CPU is yearning to be free! Don't let your timidity blind you to Newegg's liberal return policies.
Crank that voltage up and LIVE man!
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