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Default Folding

So in a week, I'll be free to fold (Free electricity at a lan event :P) for that weekend.

Well more like a friend and i will definitely be able to, might be able to get more people as well.

Does anyone here fold? And if you do, what team do you folks fold for? I'd like to give you guys a small boost - I'll be using my 5960x @4.7, Titan XP and 780Ti, friend will be using a 6600k @4.7 and a 1070, and we can potentially get 4 more 6600ks and 960s as well. Note that we'll fold at night or whenever we're not using our rigs, not the entire weekend

Anyone here have a small team? I'd like to help you for the weekend, otherwise we'll be folding on evgas team I guess...
While our hardware isn't much, everything counts imo.

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