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Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
And I also commonly see the misconception that PFC somehow increases efficiency, it does not.
In fact if you remove it you will increase efficiency.
The only loss would be in VA, but consumers are billed in Watts, not Volt Amperes
(And efficiency is measured in Watts, not VA).
Oh, and such a PSU could only be sold in the US, since EU has a PF requirement of at least 0.75 which such a PSU would fail.
Ain't was talking about the Power Factor Correction. I was talking about the efficiency of the circuit itself in the fight with Ohm law. Because the Ohm law is responsable for the circuit losses. Every single component in any elecyric and electronic device is striked by the Ohm law and has to fight with. Theoreticaly, any single component added to an electric device will add more resistance to that circuit wich make to lose efficiency. For this reason any component with lower resistance are better than those who have higher resistance, either we speaking about MOSFETS, coils, capacitors, diodes, resistors, relays, transformers or even the cables and PCB circuits itself.

And the AX1600i has a PF more than 95℅, why would not be allowed in EU? Also if it had 75℅ PF (just sayng) should be allowed in EU simply because there are ALOT of crappy PSU's by construction wich simply cannot dreams at AX1600 components, build quality and protections.
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