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This really is going to echo what's already been said: I think you'll find the general consensus here is that the Etasis built units, either Etasis branded or Silverstone branded, is the way to go.

The SevenTeam built Ultra X-Pro 750W is a good choice too and has construction that rivals the Etasis.

The Enhance is a notch below either and the Xclio probably another notch below that. So if you have the $200 budget for the Etasis or the Ultra, I just wouldn't bother with the Enhance or Xclio, although they're still good units.

To answer your initial question:

What rails go where depend on the PSU. I've never held a Jeantech. But if it's REALLY a dual +12V rail PSU, then one rail would be to the CPU and the other goes to everything else.

But if having more than one +12V rail with a limited amount of amps going to it was really your power supply's "problem," it wouldn't just "struggle." It will shut down as soon as the load exceeds the over current prootection of that particular rail.

EDIT: Ahh!! I see now. You say "you're limited in your area." We don't know what your "area" is unless you post it, but I have to assume it's outside of the U.S. or Canada.

Go with the Etasis of the three if those are the three choices in "your area."
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