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Originally Posted by newhit View Post
Hi, confused newbie alert

a Silverstone ST85F or the Etasis ET850. From the recommended list i can see that they are both Etasis units so the cheaper of the two is the way to go............but, .

Doh! I've even got that wrong.......according to the list the Silverstone is an Enhance unit. Perhaps I should start again

I'm limited in my area for good quality PSU's so the Etasis, Silverstone or maybe an Xclio unit is where I'm heading. Is there any reason to take one against the other two or can I rely on any of them to give me reasonable longevity.......the Xclio is about 15% cheaper than the other two and I could get the 1000W version for the same money as the Silverstone/Etasis units........unless the quality is that much worse of course. I realise that I've deviated from my original question but an answer to the above will point me in the right direction.

Thanx in advance.
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