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Originally Posted by Phaedrus2129 View Post
I thought Andyson cloned the SeaSonic X platform, not the other way around.
Try using the quote function so people know what you're talking about.

Andyson did copy Seasonic for their own X-Series, but the MT8 used LLC resonant mode and DC to DC for non-primary rails years before Seasonic ever did.

Get this: When we first launched the ES-800 and they were only available on the BFG Store, one of the first customers to put in an order was Seasonic. I knew what was up, but it wouldn't be right to cancel their order.

Originally Posted by Phaedrus2129 View Post
Speaking of, how far is this from the original SeaSonic X750? What's changed?
Only the basic topolgy seems to be the same... they're both LLC resonant topology, they both use the same supervisor IC, they have similar AC input filtering/transient stage and both use the relay on the inrush current thermistor... but that's about it. Even a lot of the layout is still different. I mean... the PCB is clearly completely different. Just look at the location of the +12V MOSFET's, for example.
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