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Default Recommned PSU for rig with no video card

I plan on building a rig with the following specs:

Intel i5-4690
Asrock Z97 Extreme4
16GB (2x8GB) 1600 RAM
480GB Sandisk Extreme II SSD
1TB Western Digital Caviar Green HDD
1 LG Bluray Burner

It will not be overclocked nor will it have a video card. It will primarily be used for Office work. There is a small chance that an entry level video card will be added in the future. But, this will only be done if the integrated GPU on the Intel processor isn't up to the task.

I am looking for a PSU that is very quiet or almost silent when the rig is idle or when the user is just using basic office apps. Ideally, the fan won't spin at all 90-95% of the time. Budget is around $130 AUD. Would prefer to spend less if possible.

I was initially thinking about getting the Corsair RM450 PSU, but after reading some negative posts about it from various places on the internet, I am now a bit hesitant. I think I read somewhere that the capacitors used aren't the best and may not last much longer after the warranty period.

After reading a few threads on this forum, it would seem the Cooler Master V Series is a good and cheaper alternative. Unfortunately, in Australia, they only sell the V650S model or higher. Does anybody know what the efficiency would be on the V650S at low loads (i.e. when idle or when browsing with microsoft word opened)? Does anybody know when the fan will start spinning?

Another Gold rated PSU that they sell at my local PC store ( is the Antec True Power Classic series. Now, they do sell the 450W version at the store. As I understand, this PSU is not modular and I will need to find a way to manager the excess cables. Can anybody comment on the acoustics of this unit? I read somewhere that it can be rather loud at load. Can anybody comment on the acoustics of the 450W model?

From these two reviews:

it would seem the CoolerMaster V Series have greater efficiency at extremely low loads than the Antec TPC series. Is my interpretation correct?

If I can't get a Gold rated PSU, I was thinking of the Antec HCG 520M. Any comments on this? I know it's only bronze rated, but it's modular and has been around for a while.

Are there any other PSUs I should consider. I will most likely be buying from this store:

They don't stock Seasonic or XFX PSUs.

Comments appreciated.
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