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Not really... the 6x9's amp is a 20 watt booster amp designed to take 4 ohm loads, which is what the Sony sub driver is rated for. The Chrysler/Infinity is pretty much set up the same way it would be in a car. I probably won't add the other one - this one's doing really well and I don't have another enclosure.

That was a concern though - what would happen to the Sony's amp if I disconnected the little 3.5 and tried to run the C/I by itself. Another reason I didn't just pull the 3.5 out of there altogether. But at this juncture I'm more worried about the C/I's amp overheating in the enclosure.

I'm fast finding out as well the Sony has a terrible low pass filter on the sub - it's letting a lot of midbass through. Since the C/I's amp also has no low pass filter I can tell exactly where it is in the room

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