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Default The Wolf's TLFBF Power Supply Sale

Welcome to my "too late for Black Friday" blowout

Since it's my birthday today, I figured I'd try and clear the shelves. I'll be honest... I don't feel like researching the current selling price for all of these, so I'm going to try and get them all gone quick for dirt cheap. Don't care about maximizing my profit, I just want them gone. These are all my smaller or less than awesome review samples I've been either saving for friends or other uses that now need to go away so I have room to put other incoming review samples. There are more, but I only have five shipping labels for the US so I thought I'd stop here for now.

All items have been disassembled for review pictures, and then load tested extensively after the review process to insure they stay working. None have any problems whatsoever. All will come with a 90 day warranty from me (for US/Canada only), even though I'm barely making any money off the price I'm asking for each.

All items will be shipped from Canada to anywhere US or Canada, APO included. Will do overseas if you will pay the considerable extra shipping cost. Paypal only (CC and e-check is ok). I will accept other forms of payment from Canadians... ask for details. Price includes shipping to US/Canada.

I'm going to do one price for all five of these. As a result, some are better deals than others. Some are semi-modular, some are not. All come with full retail packaging. Take 'em or leave 'em. No price drops - I'm figuring half the price at least will be needed for shipping. Anything that doesn't sell gets stuck in a box in the storage room.

Click on each PSU to see the review and full details and pictures for each one. I've got these posted at OCForums as well, so speak up while you've got a chance.

Items for sale:

Seasonic G-360 360W - SOLD
FSP Aurum Xilenser 400W - SOLD
FSP Raider 750W - SOLD
NZXT Hale82 750W (OEM Seasonic) - SOLD
Kingwin PF-850 850W (OEM Sirfa) - SOLD

Price - $50 USD shipped, each.

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