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Unit was shutting down a dozen times a day (simply rebooting). At least I no longer had to jump the CMOS.

OK, so I got a new PSU (Corsair TX650M).

I install it and the unit goes into continuous start-stop. Runs for 2 seconds, stops for 2 seconds, runs for 2 seconds. Keeps going like this continuously until I kill the switch on the back of the psu.

I replug in the old psu and it does the same thing now too.

I take the new psu and do the paperclip test. Fan runs for 3 seconds than shuts off. The live leads still show normal voltages on my meter. Is this normal for this psu? Do the fans stop running when not needed?

So I plug in new psu (just 24-pin and 4-pin cpu) and begin removing parts.
I eventually have MB on test board and it still has same problem with either power supply.

Now I am wondering, DOA new PSU? Bad MB? Bad CPU?

One thing I noticed, the CPU fan was not seated properly (had gotten loose). Temp monitors had never noted anything outside normal parameters, and maybe I jarred loose installing the new PSU. So I cleaned, reapplied thermal paste, and reinstalled the fan.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

That rug really tied the room together!

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