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Default PC Shutdown: Motherboard or PSU or ?

Hello! First time caller, long time listener.

I have a PC I assembled ~4 years ago.
The parts concerned are as follows:
MB: Asus P5Q SE Plus
CPU: Intel E5200
PSU: Antec Tru-Power 550W

All the above items were purchased new for this build EXCEPT the PSU. I had stripped that out of a previous build, so it is ~7 years old.

My issue is that over the last week it has stop working twice, but maintained power status. By that I mean, the fans and lights all keep working, there is just no signal to the display. The fan on the CPU and GPU all function. and the MB light stays lit. When you restart, there is NO BIOS POST. I have removed everything and worked both backwards & forwards. No POST. I have tried RAM in different slots Individual RAM. GPU in but no RAM. RAM in but no GPU. No GPU & no RAM. Nothing could generate a POST.

So I checked the PSU manually with a volt meter. Everything seemed within parameters. I do not have an extra psu, so I did not try that.

Running out of ideas, I moved the jumper to reset the BIOS and removed the CMOS battery. Put everything back and BAM! I got POST. Everything starts right back up perfectly.

I was willing to call it a one-off, but as I said, it has happened twice in less than week. I started thinking the MB or CPU. So I talked with a couple of friends and they think that it is the PSU. They think that due to it's age and consistent usage that it is no longer reliable and is fluctuating under a load.

Now, I know under my manual volt meter test I am not putting it under a load, but I have had PSU problems in the past and never had to jump the BIOS to get the system to restart under minimal conditions.

I would appreciate another opinion or thought on the matter.

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