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Originally Posted by Redbeard View Post
There used to be four separate pin-outs:

1. HX520/620/650 - Old seasonic style.

2. AX650/750/850 - New seasonic style

3. HX750/850/1000/1050 - CWT/new style. We call this "Type 3" internally.

4. AX1200 - Flex style.

When I took over as interim PSU PM last year, I made all the 2012 launch products go to a standard. For a couple of boring reasons, "Type 3" became the most obvious standard to use, so all the new products used it.

TXM uses it.
AX1200i uses it.
Future modular products will use it.

As a result, while the old AX1200 cables won't work with the new AX1200i, all the HX cables will. The one exception is the 24-pin connector (which is not modular on the HX series) so we're going to sell that separately and split out the kits a bit.
So the future products made by Seasonic will be using Type-3 pinouts?
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