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Originally Posted by Big-G View Post
Here in India we have a 220V 50 Hz electricity distribution and there in US and in several other countries exists a 110V 60 Hz electricity distribution.

My questions are -

1.What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of the two environments?

2.What possibly are or were the practical reasons behind the various countries for opting for a particular environment.

3.Can the two environment be compared with a conclusion - Environmnet X is Superior to environmet Y .

4.Why was the figure 110 and 220 only chosen and amazingly one is just the double of the other in magnitude ( though not in frequency) .Why weren't any other voltages chosen .How was it decided that this particular amplitude of voltage would serve the exact purpose and not any other voltage and then the equipments were designed / manufactured accordingly.

5.Is frequency of AC a function of the voltage viz 60 Hz corresponds to 110V and 50 Hz corresponds to 220Volts .Is there a mathematical relation between the frequency and the voltage , if yes what's the formula.

6.Which of the two systems is more efficient / competent in any way say in monetary terms / cost of design/manufacture and implementation et al .

I am just trying to seek an answer to a question which I have been asking my teachers since I was a kid and till now no body has given me a satisfactory answer.I don't intend to make a derogatory comparison .

Incase this question is beyond the scope / spectrum of the site , then may I please request very humbly for the forum member to give me some relevant links which precisesly and explicitly explain the above facts.

Thanks and regards
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