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Default Can you answer the questions and write comments about my surge protector ?

I have a cheap surge protector. Can you write a comment about it whether it is nice one or CRAPPY one ?
Can the LED of it, show the MOV status whether it is working or malfunctioned ?

I have another one in my living room. (The same one.) The LED doesn't glow. So, did the MOV actually malfunction ?

The manual says: "You must use surge protector with a wall socket which has ground wire." My wall socket doesn't have ground wire. But the MOV also doesn't have a contact with grounding. Does it matter having grounding or not in this situation ?

Yesterday, I had a problem with electricity. HDD rpm a bit lowered and after that, it returned the actual 7200 RPM. Also my PC restarted itself. When I looked to the street, I saw the all street lights are turned off. (Probably voltage fluctuation or something.) But PC works now without a problem. So, did my surge protector covered the PC or not ? (PSU: Seasonic S12ii 620W)

Here are the images about my surge protector:

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