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Originally Posted by McSteel View Post
As for my own comments, did Seasonic give an official statement regarding the performance of the first sample? Does it belong to a known-not-as-impressive batch, do they claim it's a one-off, or is the performance variance significant on this model?
There's a Seasonic rep on the forums - I'll let him comment on that as he likes. Last I heard they were still looking into it.

I did find some soldering related issues on my breakout board after my first test on it, but fixing those and retesting didn't improve things enough to get it to where the second unit got. Enough to move it from 1.6% average regulation to 1% though.

Should note the second unit used the first one's cables to get the review numbers. That's why I think it's something with the VRM in the first one.

Even the first one would have cleared a 9.8 total score
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