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Default Ultra brand PSU. Mediocre quality control

The power supply in question works ok except for the fan speed control glitch, but internal photos shows quality control standards exercised by Ultra on this unit is very low in my opinion and does not meet my expectation of quality. They also make a bold statement on their website that lifetime warranty is null and void unless you can produce original retail receipt.

It might work fine, but I question the long term reliability and it gives me an impression that quality is not their priority.

The product tag

Main PCB

Very messy finish. Residue everywhere. It looks as if it got damaged in flood. Poor quality PCB finishing.

This is the input line filter. Look carefully at the blue capacitor for the mercury droplet like thing. They are solder spills. These should not be there and when they fall off, they will short things out internally, or fall out of the power supply and short things out inside your computer.

When I took it apart all the way, this fell out. A solder ball about half the size of BB gun bullet. I suspect this was shorting out the thermistor leads(which is found on bottom of the PCB) and causing it to malfunction. If it falls out and shorts out your motherboard, if the warranty waive clause states "limitatin of consequential damage" they don't have to pay for it.

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