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570 4 GB versions are as low as 130$ in US (after 15-20$ mail-in rebates) but if you're in Indonesia that's probably not an option

4 GB is enough for 1080p very high/ultra and for 1440p at very high quality settings, and a 570 is powerful enough for 50-60fps on very high quality settings.

It's basically equal or more powerful than GTX 1060 cards that have more than 3 GB of memory. 3 GB is no longer enough, not worth it.

RX 580 is a bit better, but if you have an 1080p monitor it's debatable if it's really worth spending the extra money.
For example, if you can get a RX 570 4 GB for $180-200 where you live, then maybe you could put the 30-50$ aside, sell your 2200g and buy a ryzen 1600 or 2600 - some games will be kept back by the quad core 2200g and more games will be kept back in the future..

The only downside is that AMD cards consume a bit more power ( ~ 175w for RX 570, ~ 225w for RX 580 cards) compared to around 125w for a GTX 1060, but your power supply can handle it.
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