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well, basically I have about a $3000-3500 price range, and I want basically the best of everything I can get without going over my limit. I plan to play all games at the highest settings along with the highest resolution on the 27". I wanted that 27 inch cause 1) it has LED Backlight. 2) It has speakers + webcame. 3) It has great contrast ratio + 2ms Response Time which seems legit for gaming. I also love perfect picture quality on big screens all the more to love I could say!

As for the SSD, I chose that over a 1TB HDD, due to the fact that they are supposedly a lot faster than your regular HDDs. I chose that particular one just because it got some great reviews on Newegg. I was reading a lot of other ones and I was seeing a lot of failure on some SSDs after a few months of use, or complaints of it slowing down after time. I just want the best possible PC that can handle any game out today, and tomorrow on MAX Settings, if not then damn near close.

Oh and I chose the Lanboy Air due to its Modular Design, The Handles at the top for mobility (I Lan a lot so my PC is mobile usually on the weekends), the design of the case looks awesome. Also too it's Water Cooling Ready if I decide to ever invest into that. And the Mesh layout of the Case seems pretty legit! I kinda fell in love with it I guess haha. :]
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