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Originally Posted by mdk777 View Post
Yeah, but for that price you can get a tablet or laptop. Besides the obvious savings on keyboard, mouse, and monitor, you get the ability to use it at Starbucks or McDonald for free.
At the low end, web browsing utility...I think you are kidding yourself if you think you can beat the mass production... their margins are too thin, their economies of scale too large, their OEM discounts too large and their labor costs so insanely low that you just don't have a chance.
No kidding. Just saw an email ad for Micro Center. They have new Dell Inspiron 15 for $299. Pretty basic with crappy (but only enthusiasts like us will notice) 15.6" screen and 5400RPM drive, but the CPU is a Pentium 2127U, which is a 1.9GHz dual core 17W ULV Ivy Bridge. That's a really nice CPU for such a cheap price. Toss in a cheap SSD and most average internet/email users would think it the most awesome notebook in the world.
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