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Originally Posted by mdk777 View Post
I don't disagree. But then DELL and LENOVO don't build their boxes to self destruct either. I just think if you are building your own, it doesn't make sense to settle for merely adequate.
I think "adequate" is a good starting point. I know there is a tendency to obsess but where do you draw the line?

The computer I'm typing this on has a Capstone in it, so you know where I personally stand but I am also okay with using "adequate." It all depends on where it is going. $3000 over-the-top gaming/overclocking rig? Yeah, I'd use up to 10% of the budget on a really high end PSU. $400 budget rig for web browsing? As long as it meets ATX spec, puts out what it claims on the label and isn't known for blowing up, I'm totally okay with using it.
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