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Originally Posted by Tao View Post
Well here are the links to the reviews for the PSUs (I used exploding for lack of a better way to convey what the reviews were describing simply)


Either died first run, or 5 months later
"Chuckster" and the "N/A" below him are the same person, I'm completely sure of it. He appears to have installed the unit using incompatible Thermaltake modular cables. Of course that's going to cause problems... modular cables aren't universal. Once in a blue moon it may work, but it's never a good idea. More often than not, the pinouts are totally incompatible, leading to fried hard drives and other fun things. He found out the hard way.

This is what you're dealing with when you read Newegg reviews. You can't rely on them, because you have no idea what the user's level of troubleshooting ability is.
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