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For any product that you may decide to buy, you have a 50/50 chance that it will not work as intended or desired. This is because you are only one person, and statistics as such are not applicable in this case

It makes so very little difference if there's a 10% or a 1% RMA rate for an item, that you shouldn't look at the raw numbers to help you decide. Furthermore, NewEgg reviews, aside from being utterly unreliable, can't be treated as a usable statistical sample, simply because you can't know if the reviews on there are a representative sample, or an exception.

There is one thing NE reviews are good for - real world use experience. So you found a case that fits your needs, based on size specifications. But then you read about some user's woes with those specs being overly optimistic, and his inability to install a supposedly supported motherboard or CPU heatsink. Aside from this, they're worthless.

Now, why do you feel you need 860W of power? What do you look for in a PSU?
Careful what you wish for... You just might get it.
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