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Originally Posted by booya View Post
Users must think about it too, to avoid problems with sudden shutdowns under heavy load. That's why Enermax made wiring diagram. So I had to make my own scheme, like this:
No, they must not. That's what we're telling you, the manufacturer thought about that. If you use components that are designed according to the specification of the conectors, there is no way in hell that the OCP will ever trip. That may only happen with thoughtless 'extreme' overclocking.

So again: Don't think, just plug it together

The diagram, you are talking about, is by the way for such users, not you!

Originally Posted by booya View Post
Philipus II
>Triggering OCP can only happen withn extreme OC (LN2 cooling etc.) or really poorly designed psus.. With your Platimax - no way.
But each rail rated at 30A = 360W, two cards = 600W (without any peak load).
No, because those cards won't use the entire capacity from the conectors itself. If you use two cards with a TDP of 300W each, they also will use 75W each from the slot. So your 'calculation' is about 150W off.

Originally Posted by booya View Post
So in my opinion, ideal PSU:
- stupid (not like AX1200i)
- 1500-2000W
- with a few 12V rails ~70A each guaranteed
This proves that you don't know anything about what you're talking about. Because the more current solution is a dumb one, as you may see here and in this video.

The better solution is just plain: More rails! Not more current!
With more current you just will get a welding device. That's something you probably do not want... And the higher the current, the higher the (possible) damage to the components.

But more rails make a PSU more expansive, so you won't see more than 4, best case 6 Rails often, even with high watage PSUs...

Originally Posted by booya View Post
- water cooled, cause even with another fan (Kama Flex SA1325FDB12H @ 1600 rpm) my Platimax 1500 it's the noisiest component in my PC under heavy load. Or I need to install a second PSU (e.g. Seasonic Platinum-1000 for one card or one card + MB/CPU).
Your platimax has an efficiency of about 89% at full load, wich equals a maximum waste heat generation of about 185W. This has to be cooled at 40 to 50C intake temperature...

So the rule of the thumb:
The higher the wattage, the higher the RPM of the fan!
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