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You guys are all awesome, thanks! For those curious it was a 980X involved and liquid cooled, although the PWM/connector area did have a 120mm fan blowing on it.

Was the first casualty I've ever had from overclocking anything and the motherboard itself was such a good board that it was painful to lose it like that. (Don't get me started on Gigabyte's X58 hardware) I assume both are easily repairable but I just don't have the soldering skills nor wire tools.

Regarding the connection problems that was the information I was given. I know the connector was fully latched as I had some trouble disconnecting it afterwards, but I will admit the PSU itself had seen quite a few system rebuilds and motherboard swaps in its lifetime.

Originally Posted by Bobnova
When you're subzero the connector is being actively cooled by the PCB under the CPU being far below zero.
Ahh, didn't realize that! Makes sense in hindsight now that ya point it out.

Originally Posted by jonnyGURU View Post
Also.. if they're going to play around with sub-zero overclocking, they really should update their motherboard and use one with an optional second CPU power connector.
After this happened I started wondering this myself...
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