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Originally Posted by Philipus II View Post
Link to first pictures of a Streacom Nano 150:

If I do it your way, I would measure the temperature of the fan grill and the fan. The metal and plastic has it's own temperature which is usually different from the elektronics.
Too bad your "" text gets applied over the top temperature so I can't tell the peak temp.

I think you should also be able to disable the date and time, which should allow you to center the psu better.

Anyway, the flir will scan the image and measure the heat reflected.. it shouldn't be too bothered about the grill of a power supply.

Maybe you should see if the flir can accurately detect the temperature through some glass/plexiglass/policarbonate materials (various glasses let through various emissions , camera may work better or worse with some types of glass) . Once you find a suitable one, maybe you can replace the top of power supplies with a custom top and original fan.
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