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Originally Posted by Philipus II View Post
...Says the guy with the chroma at home^^

I didn't pay for it, but I can use it as often as I'd like when I'm at the Chroma. So for me it was the perfect upgrade.

Next step: Get a decent sound level meter.
Ah, thought you paid for it. Cool if you can borrow it

Personally I would invest 1500€ (ok more) in a good bench scope... My Rigol 1052E, which I use at hold-up tests only, doesn't have all the triggering options I need and on top of that I really fancy the 8" screens the new ones have.

For a decent db meter you need a little more than 200 euros. And even with this one you won't be able to measure correctly below 30 dBA. Not like some guys that with cheapo 50- 60 euros db meters who think that they can measure even close to 20 dBA!! For below 30 dBA besides a totally isolated room you need a really expensive sound meter. I have a rebadged Extech soundmeter (actually the Extech is based on the one I have) which is very good and reliable and also features a USB port so I can remote control/acquire data from it through my proggy.
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