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Thanks. Spent the whole trip there worrying about them running out of these before I could get one. I was ready to go with the D5200 if I couldn't do this one.

Turns out I didn't have to worry... they had four of the D5100 kits and two D7000 kits. I think they had fewer D5200s than this one, honestly.

Couldn't wait for the battery to charge. I slapped Mr. Fuji's 2GB SD card in there, fired it up in auto mode, and took a picture of my 40" Toshiba on one of my HD channels. I'll be darned if it didn't absolutely nail the image, even with the flash firing. It did overexpose just a touch, but that's ok. I won't be in auto mode all that often. Got a 16GB card coming... probably won't do much in RAW until that gets here.

Also picked up a third 500W halogen work light. At eleven bucks each, I just had to. Got a higher quality white bedsheet to throw on the photography table as well

Next step is to get the TN panel Samsung off my main rig and replace it with an MVA BenQ. Need something a little better suited for image editing. Then... lenses, lenses, lenses. Maybe some other things, too.
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