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It's done. After much soul searching over the D7000, worrying myself to death over where to get it and how to get it when I don't even trust Paypal transactions that large, I decided to pull the trigger on the D5100 instead.

I would have driven myself crazy trying to get the D7000 and all the lenses I wanted to run with it. The body itself would have drained my bank account, and I never was very sure about when I could start getting lenses for it. So, its little brother came home with me. I only found one D7000 body in the whole city, and it would have cost me everything I had. I could have done the kit at Future Shop in about two weeks, but then I'd have nothing left for anything else.

So I drove to Alberta this morning, and went to Future Shop. They didn't have the D5100 body only - all they had were kits. So I bought one. Their price was $599... I had them price match the lowest price in Canada I could find ($550), and they beat it by about five bucks. As soon as they did that, I went and got a $40 bag to go with it and still came out ahead of their initial $599 price.

Mr. Fuji is now officially retired. He got this picture, but won't be getting too many more. I cannot wait to play with this thing... it goes right to work on review images starting tomorrow morning.

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