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Hello folks!

Alright then, lets wrap up this topic by briefing some of the provided information:
  • Simulated vs. pure sine wave: The Corsair AX1200 is a very good power supply and it would not care about what kind of AC would receive.
  • UPS with AVR will help shape (regulate) the sine wave into something more easily used by the devices plugged into it. They help with undervoltage and overvoltage events.
  • The best protection from power anomalies comes when the UPS or protector is plugged into a properly wired and grounded wall outlet.
  • So, you can buy a good UPS with a quick cut-over that provides a "stepped approximation to a sinewave" for your computer system with no worries.

Iíve decided to purchase the better UPS taking into consideration all of your valuable comments and advices.

Thank you all for your participation and kind help on this topic.

Best regards,
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