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Originally Posted by allikat View Post
The 7770 is a decent mid-range gaming card, for a gamer, you should prioritize the graphics card first, and then go for a good cpu second. Add in a small SSD for maximum speed, it's seriously the best upgrade. On the cpu front I'd wait for an announcement on what socket the new chips will be on, and decide then what to go for.
I'd also not ignore the lower end of intel's lineup. Those dual core celerons are as fast as the quad phenoms.
About graphics, I was debating rather or not to go with an HD 7850 and wait about a computer build. Or just get certain components I can afford along with the 7850. Since I only have a $400 budget to work with I'm trying to stretch my dollars out as far as possible.
EDIT: I forgot to mention I mostly only play flash based browser games. Do I really need a $200 GPU for that. I'm thinking it maybe overkill. But I really don't know I have not bought a GPU since Radeon 9250 PCI. And a month afterward it was quite useless. So it's been a few years.

As for the SSD I've also considered this if I keep my current pc and just upgrade my GPU. But I really have no idea about SSD's as far as performance/price and really they seem too costly at the moment considering the size of HDD I could get for the same price. I have a 2.5" 1TB 5400rpm at the moment and I really don't see much slow down. But then all I have to compare it too is a 6+year old harddrive(the old IDE/PATA?). On top of all that ranting I have no idea how to even move my OEM win 7 to a new HDD/SSD. And knowing my luck, I would destroy my Win 7 copy and have spend 100 bucks on an OS.

And for the Celeron's being as fast as a Phenom I really don't know. All I do know is that according to it isn't.
Intel Celeron G1620 Ivy Bridge 2.7GHz LGA 1155 55W Dual-Core

Phenom II X4 965

But really that's all I have to go by. Since I don't know anyone who owns or has owned either one for a hands on comparison. However at there current price they would be a better investment that an Athlon II x2 and maybe even an X4. According the benchmarks that is.. personally I dont think benchmarks are typical of real world uses.

I usually like to look on anandtech to get a side by side comparison but I couldn't find the Celeron there. Also, then I can scroll down through the benchmarks at look for things I would actually do. Like video encoding (very lightly) and 7-zip though that one is usually just unzipping and not compressing.

I'm sure you've gotten very bored if you've read this far so I'll end it here

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