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Default Build a PC now or wait for new AMD lineup?

Hello guys and gals,
So I've been going back and forth over the last 4 days on which CPU to go with.. Phenom II x4 965, FX-6300, FX-4300, A8-5600K, or the A-10 5800K.

Then today I saw this ..

"According to DigiTimes, AMD is reportedly planning to significantly reduce the price of a number of its Trinity APUs to "make room" for its "Richland" family of processors that are currently expected to arrive in June.

These price reductions are expected to range from 8 percent to 15 percent and include the A8-5600K, FX-6300 and FX-4300."


I know 8-15% isn't much. but if you take to consideration that online retailers usually have percent off prices alot. It could turn out to be around 18% - 25%. (If retailers offer 10% discount on top of the price drops to clear inventory for the new lineup.)
Seems to me though they usually don't drop right away (I guess since retailers are trying to clear there inventory with "normal" prices before they drop?).

Just want to get some opinions on rather to build now or wait around 3 months to see if prices actually drop.

Prices as of right now in U.S. Dollars

Phenom II X4 965 $84.99 @Newegg and Amazon
FX-6300 $139.99 @Newegg $133.79 @ Amazon
FX-4300 $119.99 @Newegg and Amazon
A10-5800K $119.99 @Newegg and Amazon
A8-5600K $109.99 @ Newegg $108.79 @ Amazon

Any constructive comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I will be doing some light gaming while screen recording. Then of course encoding said video to upload to the web.
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