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Originally Posted by allikat View Post
Of course, it does depend on the native voltage of the place he's going to use the machine. A 240v power grid is far more resilient than 120v against low voltage events.
That depends on the sophistication of the grid and that varies country by country, regardless the voltage used.

Do note that 220 - 240VAC is what's delivered to all US homes. Our HVAC systems, stovetops and ovens, and electric clothes dryers all run on 220VAC.
On 120v supplies, I see a real need for low voltage protection, as even a cycling refridgerator can cause minor brownouts inside the house.
Ummm, no it won't. Not if it's working properly and that's what UPS are all about - protecting our expensive hardware and invaluable data when things don't work properly - as during the rare catastrophic refrigerator failure, or when lightning hits nearby.

Also, PFC PSUs power the computer only. Granted, the main priority, but an UPS can simultaneously protect your network, monitors, and more.

Dear USA,
Please move to a real household voltage.
Many thanks
The rest of the world.
Not hardly the rest of the world. Note our cousins to the North, all of Latin America, most of South America and Brazil, and more use 110 - 120VAC.

It would be great for consumers around the world if there was a standard household voltage. But with billions of humans on each side, that's not going to happen.

And a computer with an APFC PSU running on a 240v input will be pretty well immune to low voltage events that don't completely cut the power off (unless they drop below 100v for a sustained period).
Oh? Are you saying a 240VAC PSU will sustain output if fed 107VAC? It's been a long time since I lived in England and worked with 240VAC systems, but that seems a stretch. And certainly PFC has its advantages but it is not a cure-all for power issues (nor is it unique to 240VAC countries).

This really is all about how much you value your system and data versus how much you are willing to spend to insure it remains safe.

It is like car insurance. The hope is you will never need it. But when that time comes when you do need it, and it will, you will want the best your money can afford.
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