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Thank you for your comments and your suggestions.

Originally Posted by Digerati View Post
So my advice is to use a "good" UPS with AVR and don't waste your money on a surge and spike protector. If you need more protected outlets than provided by the UPS, plug a standard extension cord into the UPS.


In ANY case the best protection from power anomalies, whether using a UPS or a surge and spike protector, comes when the UPS or protector is plugged into a properly wired and grounded wall outlet. So EVERY home should have a AC Outlet Tester. I recommend one with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) indicator as it can be used to test bathroom and kitchen outlets too. These testers can be found for your type and voltage outlet, foreign or domestic, at most home improvement stores, or even the electrical department at Walmart.
Iíve noticed the area I live in has brownouts now and then but certainly not anything catastrophic. My goal is to protect against those overvoltage and undervoltage conditions whilst having enough run time (3 to 5 minutes) to finish any activity and gracefully shutdown my system. If Iím not present at the time of the occurrence, itís very handy that the UPS issues a system shutdown or sleep.

Talking about prices, here are the UPS prices found @ N3w3*g (March 11th, 2013):

1. APC BR1500G BACK-UPS Pro 1500 -> $189.99 USD;
2. APC SMC1500 Smart-UPS -> $339.99 USD;

3. CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD -> $194.99 USD.

Taking all of the above useful information you and others have kindly provided and the unit cost into consideration, which of the listed UPS would you recommend as the best UPS to protect my build?

NOTE: Remember, Max Budget: approximately $400 USD; CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD is not available for purchase in my region.
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