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Originally Posted by Tator Tot View Post
You don't need anything close to that powerful.

Kingwin LZP-550 would be your best option at $120. It's more capable than the HX650 and far more efficient than the TX750v2.

Like wise, it costs about the same and you could easily go to a Core i7 3770K & two GTX 680's with it.
Thanks for your suggestions!
That video card made me drool...
One question: would you choose to have 1 really good video card or on top of my crappy 550ti I buy another decent one and do dual?

Originally Posted by mdk777 View Post
Not following you here...your game frame rate is dependent on your GPU and CPU.

Extra wattage is not going to make any difference(well some with OC...but in general)

Like TT says, you can run any top end card on your rig with a good 550 watt.

My amd 7970 OC with and old AMD cpu (150 watt) never pulls over 350Watts.
haha my bad after reading about rate of diminishing returns for derating curve, I thought it was better safe than sorry to get that wiggle room because I was planning on upgrading the video card and core and ram.
I definitely am glad I read those stickies because before this incident I was fooled by salesmen at fry's.
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