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Without more information, one can't say why your PSU failed.
Consequently, it is impossible to say what might be "better".

All of the models discussed so far are high quality with 5-7 year warranty and very high efficiency. (important since you say you are running 24/7/365)

Can we say you won't have another failure with any model we suggest?

No, because we don't have any detail on why your first failed.

So you are left with a numbers game. Who makes PSU that have very low failures and high quality?

Seasonic, Flextronics, SuperFlower; all meet the requirement.

One absolutely head and shoulders above the rest? Not at the very high end that you are looking at.

Hence our recommendation to take your pick based on other factors.

1. price
2. availability

Personal preference.

I've had good luck with Super Flower...but not running 24/7 FOLDING any longer.

I would not fear stepping up to PLAT. Corsair...but I understand once burned twice shy.

Good luck.


individual experience is highly anecdotal

did you own that PSU ?
thanks to your confirmation
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I don't own a Mercedes-Benz CL600...but based on past experience and engineering reputation...I would feel very comfortable in recommending it as reliable transportation.

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