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Default LCR/ESR and capacitance meters

Do any of you have any recommendations for a decent LCR/ESR meter and a decent capacitance meter?

I'm thinking about picking up a BK 886 LCR meter and a 830 capacitance meter.

The 886 appears to be a much more capable piece of equipment than some of the lower end meters like the Peak ESR70 and LCR40, but I didn't see anywhere in the manual or on BK's product page where they mention that the 886 can be used with the component still installed in a functioning (though presumably powered off... ) circuit, which the ESR70 can be. So I dunno. I'm really kinda tempted to buy all three; the Atlas stuff would be a lot more convenient, but then I'd also have something with a wider test range and greater accuracy for when I need it.

The 830 seems to be the cheapest capacitance meter on the market that'll measure to 200,000F, which would be useful to me; I haven't seen one (at least under $600 or so) that'll measure to 1F or more. Does anyone know of one that will?
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