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I'm at it again... looking to get rid of a few review samples.

Shipping will be from my place in Canada to anywhere, worldwide. Prices include free regular parcel shipping to US or Canada. All other destinations, shipping will be extra at actual cost.

Payment will need to be Paypal only outside Canada. CC is ok. I will do money orders (must be a Canadian bank money order), Paypal, or email money transfer in Canada.

All units were taken apart for their reviews. All have been thoroughly tested afterwards at minimum 80% load for at least 30 minutes to insure working order. All necessary issues have been addressed. Zeus #1 had the wiring with burned insulation re-located away from harm and heatshrinked as needed, Zeus #2 had its frayed wires soldered together. All get my usual 90 day warranty.

All three come with full retail packaging.

The units up for sale are:

  1. Silverstone ST55F-G 550W
    Price: $70 USD. SOLD
  2. Silverstone Zeus ZM1350 #1
    Price: $130 USD. SOLD
  3. Silverstone Zeus ZM1350 #2
    Price: $130 USD.
  4. Azza Platinum 1000W
    Price: $100 USD. SOLD
  5. Seasonic X-650 KM3
    Price: $100 USD.

Special offer:

You will notice some Silverstone PP06 individually sleeved cables in the picture. The first person to buy a unit gets those cables in addition to the ones that come with the unit in question. They are compatible with all three units, but I only have enough of them to fully populate the 550W.

Note that these are listed elsewhere, so don't delay... if you want one of these puppies, speak up

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