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Thumbs up FS: EVGA 1500W & Seasonic 550W Modular PSUs

Got two units up for grabs today in the hope that I'll have some holiday cash. Both are, again, jonnyGURU review samples. Both are modular, though only the big one is fully modular.

I'm going to do something different today... I will ship either one worldwide. Shipping is not included in the price of either unit. As I use Canada Post to ship, expect this to be a high cost to overseas destinations.

Payment via Paypal only outside Canada (CC and e-check is ok). Canadians can pay via Paypal or email money transfer.

Both units were taken apart for their reviews. Both come with 90 day warranty, but only for those in the US/Canada. Outside those countries, no warranty... you are buying these strictly as is. Both have been thoroughly load tested on the SunMoon ATEs to insure working order.

My heatware is here.

Now, about the units in question...

Unit #1 - EVGA NEX1500
I listed this before at OCForums and then decided to keep it. This is my original EVGA NEX1500 review sample... the one without all the assembly damage. The reason I kept it is because the more I thought about it and that little ripple anomaly it had, the more I wanted to be extra cautious before selling it.

So, I threw it into my overclocked main rig and ran it 24/7 for two months. That's after running it at 80% for 45 minutes. No problems whatsoever. That anomaly had no effect on my stability. But it's terribly inefficient at the power levels I was running it at, so I'd like to see it go to someone who needs it more than I do. The anomaly is in spec to 1kW on this unit, just outside it above that. I don't believe it poses a hazard to any hardware, even up to full rated power. Even so, it does have that little issue, so I'm letting it go for waaaaay cheaper than a new one. It's currently a $400 PSU, and you're getting it for half that

Comes with full retail packaging. Cosmetically, it's 10/10. Expect the shipping to cost a little bit as this comes in a VERY large box and is quite heavy. Note that I have swapped the ATX cable with my #2 unit... that means you are getting the newer ATX harness that has the improved 5VSB wire in it.

The review is here.

Price: $150 USD.
Unit #2 - Seasonic G Series 550W
This would have been posted way sooner had yours truly not pulled the legs off the PFC MOSFETs.

What can I say about this unit? It's a Seasonic, who has been totally ruling it lately when it comes to quality units. I'll let the review speak for this unit here.

Meantime, here's what I did for this unit. Since the PFC MOSFETs had the legs pulled off, I ordered exact Infineon replacements for them. Those went in on Saturday. I even re-installed the ferrite beads on the legs. Then, I load tested it. This wasn't the usual 80% burn in I do for all units, no. I ran this little guy at 100% load for 90 minutes. No problems whatsoever. It's performing like the new power supply it is.

Comes with full retail packaging. Cosmetically 9.5/10... I didn't really spend much time trying to make the warranty sticker come off clean. It's still on there, in fact, just broken where the screw is.

Price: $50 USD.

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