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Default RMA or not? HDD clicking - wiped drive, now working??

Hi, wondering if I should RMA this Seagate 1TB drive.

>Built computer for friend 2 months ago - has problems with blue screens when printer is turned on. Flashed mobo bios, issue fixed, but now HDD clicks

>Computer crashed, won't boot, HDD clicking.

>Froze drive, attached as slave to another machine - drive spins up, clicks again for 5 sec, then starts working.

>Recovered all important data, wiped drive to send back to Seagate.

>Run SeaTools just for the heck of it - HDD tests fine, no errors, no more clicking. Running Drive Fitness Test now, it's half way through and seems to be doing well.

Should I send it back or reinstall windows and cancel the RMA request?
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