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Originally Posted by Digerati
Or the beating sun on an outside wall may obscure the image.
Direct sun on a hot day will wipe out almost all useful data from a thermal imager anyway.
The imager should show the device as cooler than environment, with a "less cool spot" than the rest of the device.
Right. These devices are not used just to look for hot spots, but for cool spots too. So if you live in the Arizona sun, the whole wall may light up on the display, but then the circuit box be a darker cool spot in the middle, with a slightly warmer (and suspicious) spot in the middle of the circuit box.
I guess this depends on the imager's capabilities
Yeah, the better models need a difference of just 2 or 3 degrees to "show" it on the display. And just 1.4F if you want to spend $2500 or more.
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