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The same applies to BF3.
I only got the boxed game because it was an Xmas present.
It took something like over 2 hrs to install Origin (sort of like Steam) and then the game itself, plus some updates.
I can't see the point of the game disc since most of the content is downloaded.
Then eventally the game launches through a web browser...pffft.

What annoys me is that you have to be online, even if you want to play SP (which is a bit kak) or adjust any in game settings.
I can see a point in the future where this game is hardly played, and therefore the game will be useless.

At least with any previous BF game, I could happily play against bots in SP, and the game couldn't care less if I were connected to the internet or not, only if I wanted to play online.
Last year I re-installed W7 and it took just over 3 hours to install Origin + game including updates, which is near enough the time it takes to re-install Windows, drivers, update it, install software and a few games.

I have just re-installed W7-64 and I am certainly not going to attempt to put BF3 back on the PC.

If I feel the need to play BF3 then I can boot up my Win7-32 drive and play from there, but the novelty of the game has worn off pretty quick, so I am not in a rush to do it.

I hate this DRM total control malarky, and doubt I will buy any further games that make you jump through hoops before I can attempt to play it.

I shall stick to my selection of older games as they mostly still give me some hours of gaming fun.
Like BF2142 which to me is still my favourite BF game, but sadly for me in the UK there are only a couple of servers still running it......but, at least I can still play it in SP which won't be the case of BF3 when all the online servers have dried up.

The joys of UT99 (still fun to play) where there is no CD key, just install and play.
Oh, sorry about the rant..
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