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Originally Posted by Original Sin View Post
They've been listed on newegg and the prices seem okish considering they're modular.. 70/80/90$ for 400/500/600W.
Ouch, that's high, but not terrible. Not as bad as Seasonic's prices (S12II 430w = $80 / S12II 380w = $75.)
Not exactly Value, but considering what you get; that 400w is perfect for most people.
If it can go down by $10, the 400w & 500w units will be perfect for most people.

Originally Posted by Original Sin View Post
But really, do we need yet another mainstream product line from Seasonic!?
Do we need another high end unit from Super Flower coming to the market.

While it's boring and I love seeing new stuff coming out (like Aurum or OCZ going with Great Wall.) I do not see a problem with good units coming out.
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