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Originally Posted by rafal_iB_PL View Post
Oh, I meant at idle. Forgot to add.
Oh, at idle, assuming it doesn't click (that model is hit or miss) it will be "quiet." Not exactly the smoothest fan in terms of bearing or airflow noise; but definitely not something I'll notice sitting at the bottom of my case and through the side panel.

Originally Posted by Smirnoff View Post
Ripple was very meh though. Not up to the 760 and 910 standards.
I'd wait for another review, I've got a feeling those results are not correct as all other S12II Bronze reviews have shown much lower ripple on the 12v & minor rails. 25mv on the 12v & <20mv on the 5v/3.3v.

Even [H]'s review,which was by far one of the "worst" showings for this platform, didn't have ripple that high.
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